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Adnoc Lubes:
Quality Lubricants from the UAE

Abu Dhabi based ADNOC LUBE produces a wide range of lubricants, oils and greases for the local, regional and international markets

adnoc lubricants logoAdnoc Distribution is one of the leading suppliers of a variety of lubricants, greases and oils for various applications. The company is recognised as one of the leading distributors and suppliers in the United Arab Emirates and is acknowledged as a reliable and quality-conscious organisation.

Ever since the company was established in 1973, Adnoc Distribution has been caring for vehicles, engines and valuable equipment with its comprehensive range of lubricants. ADNOC LUBES comprises a range of more than 50 products, including light and heavy automotive lubricants, marine engine oils, industrial and hydraulic lubricants, turbine and transformer oils, specialised oils and greases, automotive gear oils, automatic transmission fluids and brake fluids.

A lubricants blending and packaging plant commissioned by the Company in 1979 has developed and expanded to become one of the best such plants in the region. The plant comprises of a lubricant blending and packaging unit, a grease manufacturing unit, a chemical additives unit and a brake oil packaging unit. State-of-the-art storage and packaging facilities at the plant meet local and overseas commitments. The grease production was commissioned in 1993, the second of its kind in the world, manufacturing high quality greases.

adnoc oils for motorsStringent quality control tests are carried out at various stages in the production of lubricants at Adnoc Distribution s Central laboratory. The Company has acquired the quality ISO 9002 which monitors and certifies quality for all products at the plant. The plant supplies its products to some of the most reputed oil companies in the world, apart from bearing the well-known ADNOC LUBES brand name. The high quality of the products is matched by the excellent service which includes lubricant surveys, analysis of localised lubricant problems, used oil analysis and various forms of technical support. The Company has a well-knit distribution network which enables prompt delivery anywhere in the world.

The comprehensive product range offered by the company has helped it emerge as one of the most diversified lubricants suppliers in the region. The Company caters to the varying needs of all kinds of customers and has developed a product range that meets all your requirements exactly. Whether you are looking for engine oils, industrial and hydraulic lubricants, turbine and transformer oils, specialised oils and greases, automotive gear oils, automatic transmission fluids or brake fluids - you are sure to find your requirements with ADNOC LUBES.

adnoc lubricants and engine oilsThe ADNOC LUBES range offers different products to suit medium to long term usage. This comprehensive range includes "Image", the fully synthetic, top-of-the-line brand, which guarantees performance upto 30,000 kms, "Pearl", the semi-synthetic lubricant which goes upto 20,000 kms, and 'Special' which keeps the engine running smoothly for upto 15,000 kms. The range also includes HPSD (High Performance Super Diesel) Oil.

Another popular range of ADNOC LUBES includes "Image", "Pearl" and "Special", which are all multipurpose, multigrade, automotive engine oils specially formulated for use in gasoline and diesel powered passenger cars, vans and light trucks. "Image" is also suitable for racing cars because of its fully synthetic oil base which can withstand high temperature variations for a long time.

The company introduced new packaging designs recently in keeping with its motto of keeping up with the times. The new design was finalised after intense deliberations and thorough research. The new packaging design reflects both ? the high quality of the contents, as well as the contemporary image of the Company that is moving forward to deliver the best to its customers in the new millennium. The new packaging design embodies the spirit and substance of the Company through a vivid and artistic statement of design and colour.

adnoc diesel oil truckThe Company's products are in demand all over the world because of their high performance, competitive pricing, attractive packaging and top quality. The spiralling success and growth of the company since its establishment is ample proof of the rising demand for its products worldwide. The company has captured a sizable share of the international market for lubricants though its unwavering pursuit for excellence and its untiring commitment to quality. Today, the company's products are known as leaders in their market segment and are widely sought after. As a result, ADNOC LUBES have been able to capture various markets around the world.

Adnoc Distribution has been exporting its products to several countries in the Arab Gulf Co-operation Council (AGCC) states, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries in Asia and Africa as well as parts of Europe. The Company has established a loyal and committed customer base in these important world markets and today it is well poised to capture new and emerging markets around the world. The Company has earned an enviable reputation in local, regional and international markets through its relentless commitment to quality and service. The prestigious Europe International Award for quality in 1994 was recognition of the Company's achievements and growing image in export markets.

The Company's products are manufactured using quality materials chosen after close scrutiny by the quality control team. State-of-the-art technology employed by the Company helps it to produce world class products that meet the most stringent of quality tests. The Company's products are therefore recognised all over the world for their quality.

adnoc oil companyCertification of ADNOC LUBES comes from the highest international bodies, such as Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), American Petroleum Institute (API), US Military Authorities (MIL), the British Defence Force (DEF/STAN), and the Committee of European Equipment Manufacturers (ACEA). Renowned automobile manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Volks-Wagon, MANN, Porsche and Caterpillar, among others, endorse the fact that Adnoc Distribution's products meet their high standards and enhance engine performance. These internationally reputed companies and organisations chose ADNOC LUBES because of their consistently high quality and high performance.

Adnoc Distribution employs the latest technology and processes, highly skilled personnel and best practices to ensure that it remains one of the foremost companies in the manufacture and marketing of refined petroleum products, both regionally and internationally.

Adnoc Distribution has witnessed a substantial increase in its market share over the last few years. This growth is attributed to the fact that the Company strives to understand the customer requirements and market trends and then makes it a policy to meet them. With an integrated portfolio of the world's leading lubricants, Adnoc Distribution is well poised in maintaining its status as one of the most reliable and efficient lubricants suppliers in the region.



For further information contact:
ADNOC Distribution
P.O.Box 4188, Abu Dhabi,
United Arab Emirates


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