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BUSINESS GUIDE aims at promoting direct contacts between African businesspeople and international suppliers by providing useful information on various aspects of the African market. Covering specific trade sectors and commodities, articles and features listed hereunder will hopefully provide useful insights into the demands and needs of the African market - specially from a global perspective.

BUSINESS GUIDE has played an instrumental role in promoting direct trade between the Africa and the rest of the world. The magazine aims at providing African businesses the opportunity to explore new sources of supply from the international markets while at the same time providing overseas companies an excellent opportunity to promote their products and services in the newly-opened markets in Africa.

Popular amonst exporters, importers, general merchants, manufacturers and traders in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Ethiopia, BUSINESS GUIDE has served as a ready reference guide for business people in Africa who are looking for new sources of supply. BUSINESS GUIDE has been extremely successful in developing some specific trade sectors, namely: Electronics, Household Appliances, Computer Hardware & Accessories, Automobile Spare Parts, Electrical Equipment & Lighting, Plastic Products, Stationery Items, Packaging Materials, Cosmetics, Perfumes & Toiletries, Printing - to name a few.

The success of BUSINESS GUIDE can be gauged by the fact that many export-oriented companies from around the world have been able to establish direct contacts with their business counterparts in African countries by advertising in the BUSINESS GUIDE.

We would be happy to provide additional information on specific sectors. You comments, suggestions on how to improve this website are always welcome!


How To Succeed In The African Market

African MarketSome basic rules to help you succeed in the volatile African market. The complex and changing African environment requires businessmen to have a degree of flexibility. The potential for turbulence requires businessmen to monitor and assess the political risks in the countries with whom they are doing business.



Market for Auto Spare Parts in Africa

From second-hand cars to ball bearings, spare parts, lubricants, tyres and batteries - demand registers further growth in African countries. An increasing number of African buyers are seen purchasing their requirements from one of the many auto spare parts outlets in Dubai and Sharjah. Some even venturing to China....


The Demand For Tyres in Africa

Tyres Demand in AfricaTyre manufacturers battle to gain market supremacy in Africa. The African continent is one of the fastest growing markets for the global tyre industry. The rapid growth of the middle class in many African countries has pushed demand for automobiles to an all-time high - in turn creating a growing market for all kinds of tyres...


Business Opportunities in Africa

Business in AfricaAfrica offers immense opportunities for manufacturers, exporters and wholesalers in the new and emerging markets in the African continent. Africa is the world’s second largest continent with 54 independent countries and estimated population of 700 million - an untapped market hungry for new products and services...






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