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BUSINESS GUIDE aims at promoting direct contacts between African businesspeople and international suppliers by providing useful information on various aspects of the African market. Covering specific trade sectors and commodities, articles and features listed hereunder will hopefully provide useful insights into the demands and needs of the African market - specially from a global perspective.

BUSINESS GUIDE has played an instrumental role in promoting direct trade between the Africa and the rest of the world. The magazine aims at providing African businesses the opportunity to explore new sources of supply from the international markets while at the same time providing overseas companies an excellent opportunity to promote their products and services in the newly-opened markets in Africa.

Popular amonst exporters, importers, general merchants, manufacturers and traders in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Zambia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Ethiopia, BUSINESS GUIDE has served as a ready reference guide for business people in Africa who are looking for new sources of supply. BUSINESS GUIDE has been extremely successful in developing some specific trade sectors, namely: Electronics, Household Appliances, Computer Hardware & Accessories, Automobile Spare Parts, Electrical Equipment & Lighting, Plastic Products, Stationery Items, Packaging Materials, Cosmetics, Perfumes & Toiletries, Printing - to name a few.

The success of BUSINESS GUIDE can be gauged by the fact that many export-oriented companies from around the world have been able to establish direct contacts with their business counterparts in African countries by advertising in the BUSINESS GUIDE.

We would be happy to provide additional information on specific sectors on request. Your comments and suggestions on how to improve this website are welcome!



Editorial Comment

From The Editor... A Round-Up of Events, Happenings and Developments in Afric. As more and more countries in Africa embark on economic liberisation drives, the markets in Africa have suddenly become alive with hectic business activity.

Africa Focus

Africa - Dubai: Traditional Trade Partners

Abdul Rahman G. Al Mutaiwee, Director-General, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, United Arab Emirates writes about the historical links between Africa and the Arabian Gulf. Dubai is known as the City of Merchants due to its deep-rooted trading traditions which are based on the freedom of practicing business in addition to being a business link between the East and the West.

South Africa-UAE Trade

Partners In Progress: South Africa and the Middle East

Mahdi Basadien, Charged'Affaires, Embassy of South Africa, analyses the growing trade relations between South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is one of South Africa's lucrative markets in the Gulf and current statistics show that trade between South Africa and the United Arab Emirates is certainly gaining momentum -

Uganda in Focus

Uganda Means Business

Former Ambassador of Uganda to the Middle East, H.E. M.A. Kisuule writes about various opportunities for trade and investment in the "new" Uganda. It is a well know fact that the East African region as a whole has emerged as one of the fastest growing markets in the world for consumer and capital goods.

Kenya: Economic Profile

Kenya: Gateway to Africa

Former Ambassador of Kenya to the United Arab Emirates, H.E. Chirau Ali Mwakwere on Kenya's status as the commercial hub for East Africa. To encourage investment in the country the Kenya government has carried out key economic reforms which have resulted in a fully liberalised economy.

Prognosis: The African Market

The Changing Face of Africa...

Sweeping economic reforms and liberalisation policies open up huge markets in Africa. A report...

Business Guide Africa

How To Succeed In The African Market...

Some basic rules to help you succeed in the volatile African market. The complex and changing African environment requires businessmen to have a degree of flexibility. The potential for turbulence requires businessmen to monitor and assess the political risks in the countries with whom they are doing business.

Technology Africa

Africa Joins The Internet Community

Rapid advances in Internet technology open up Africa to the world of E-Commerce.  South Africa is still rated the best in Africa, with one in 65 people having direct access to the Internet but elsewhere in Africa, the average is nearer one in 4,000 people. A review...

African Developments

The East African Community

East African countries of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania establish the East African Community (EAC) to boost regional trade. The new trade bloc aims to work towards economic policies that are pro-market, pro-private sector and pro-liberalisation. By pooling in their resources and promoting free trade within the region, the East African Community aims to emerge as a leading trade entity in East Africa...

Business in Dubai

Dubai: The City of Merchants

Liberal trade policies and a strategic geograhical location have helped Dubai to emerge as the commercial hub of the Middle East and a major supplier of goods to Africa. Many Africans are now travelling to Dubai in increasing numbers to purchase goods and to make direct contacts with suppliers and manufacturers...

Electronics market in Africa

Consumer Electronics: The Needs of the African Market

Africa has emerged as one of the largest market for electronics and home appliances. Recently East African buyers have emerged as the new bulk buyers of consumer goods in Dubai and leading electronic companies in are welcoming the brisk business from African buyers....

The Market for Computers

The Demand For Computers in Africa

The ongoing process of computerisation has opened up huge markets in Africa. The demand for computers and computer-related products and services has registered a marked increase in Africa due to the ongoing process of computerisation that is sweeping through most African countries. A report...

Exports of spare parts to Africa

Automobile Spare Parts: Big Demand

From second-hand cars to ball bearings, spare parts, lubricants, tyres and batteries - demand registers further growth in African countries. An increasing number of African buyers are seen purchasing their requirements from one of the many second-hand auto spare parts outlets in Dubai and Sharjah

Trade in Africa

Cosmetics and Perfumes: The Rising Demand in Africa

Many countries in Africa have seen a rising demand for cosmetics and perfumes in recent years. Africa presents one of the fastest developing markets in the world and the demand for cosmetics is growing at a frantic pace...

Tyre Exports to Africa

The Demand For Tyres in Africa

Competition heats up as tyre manufacturers engage in an uphill battle to gain market supremacy in East Africa. W hen it comes to tyres, the African continent is one of the fastest growing markets for the global tyre industry. The rapid growth of the middle class in many African countries has pushed demand for automobiles to an all-time high � in turn creating a growing market for all kinds of tyres...

Business in Dubai

Setting Up in Dubai

A brief rundown on various procedures and laws on establishing a company in Dubai. International companies seeking to establish a business presence in Dubai have a host of alternatives. Besides trading, many companies prefer setting up an office in Dubai to liaise directly with customers and further expand their area of operations...

UAE-South Africa Trade Ties

South Africa-United Arab Emirates: Strengthening The Link

South Africa has established a pronounced presence in the United Arab Emirates. Trade between the two countries has registered an impressive growth in the last few years. Healthy economic and trade ties underpin the strong relationship between South Africa and the United Arab Emirates. The fact that these ties are growing exponentially, is as much due to the support such activities receive from the authorities in the two countries. A report...

Business in South Africa

South Africa: How To Do Business

Answers to FAQs about how to conduct business with South Africa. South Africa offers foreign suppliers a wide variety of methods to distribute and sell their products. These include using an agent or distributor; selling through established wholesalers or dealers; selling directly to department stores or other retailers

Eritrea: Profile

Eritrea: Another Emerging Market

Africa's newest independent country makes a promising start as a regional distribution centre. Though impoverished by its war for independence, Eritrea is rich with spirit, resourcefulness and knowlege. The country has made a vow to recreate itself with the expertise of its people, not foreign capital...

Business in Tanzania

Tanzania: A Traditional Trade Partner

Trade within Tanzania has been on an upswing with the introduction of sweeping economic reforms in the country. T anzania is a glaring example of the effect of the change from state socialism to unfettered competition under the open market economy system...

Uganda: Business Scenario

Uganda: The New Market in Africa

Imports into Uganda have more than doubled in recent years as more and more Ugandans begin sourcing their requirements from international markets. Uganda's economic performance in the last few years has generated a lot of interest in business circles around the world. Economists believe that the country has an economy with great potential as it is endowed with significant natural resources, including amply fertile land, regular rainfall, rich mineral deposits and a skilled labour force.

The African Market

Stationery Items: The Market In Africa

International manufacturers and wholesalers focus attention on African markets as demand for stationery items registers unprecedented growth. Demand for stationery products has registered a two-fold increase among importers in East African countries because of the increase in the number of educational institutions as well as commercial organisations...

News from Africa

Mozambique: Seeking International Business Partners

Mozambique has emerged as another emerging market in the Southern Africa region as demand for capital and consumer goods registers unprecedented growth. As part of the rebuilding process, Mozambique is augmenting infrastructure with a $1.3 billion aluminium smelter, major hydro-electric projects aimed at generating 6,000 megawatts, and setting up an ambitious iron and steel smelter. A report...

Tunisia :Economic Profile

Tunisia: Leading The Way

By following a progressive socio-economic agenda, Tunisia has been able to emerge as one of the fastest growing economies in Africa. Tunisia is situated right in the heart of its principal market - the European Union - to which it sends around 80 per cent of its exports...

Business in Ghana

Ghana: Gateway to West Africa

Ghana is fast establishing itself as a distribution hub for West Africa. Having established itself as one of the prime business centres in the West African region, Ghana has earned the reputation of being the leading distribution centre of the region...

Business News from Africa

High Oil Prices Bring Wealth For Africa

High oil prices have meant higher revenues for Africa. A major reason for the high oil price is the increased demand coming from the booming Chinese economy. Over the last few years, China's national oil companies have been very active on the African continent, bidding for oil concessions in West Africa...

Telecoms sector

The Telecoms Sector in Africa

A frica presents great opportunities in the telecom sector. The liberalisation of the sector, the extension of services by multinational conglomerates and the active competition currently in place in the sector have all contributed to the telecom revolution...

Africa's Healthcare sector

The Healthcare Sector in Africa

New hospitals and healthcare institutions in Africa are proving a boon for medical care in many African countries. T he healthcare sector in Africa is showing signs of remarkable improvement as the quality of hospitals and the availability of qualified doctors has dramaticaly improved over the last few years...

Sino-Africa Trade

China and Africa: Increasing Trade and Business Relations

China is fast emerging as one of the largest supplier to Africa. The positive business environment in Africa has already been noticed by the international community and investments into Africa have been flowing from various countries around the world...

Indo-Africa Trade

Trade Relations Between Africa and India Gain Momentum

India and Africa have been working towards increased economic ties. To promote bilateral and regional commercial relations with the COMESA Region, India�s Exim Bank has extended Lines of Credit (LOCs) to support export of eligible goods on deferred payment terms...

Africa: Business News

Common Currency for West Africa: A Reality?

Members of ECOWAS are working towards a common currency for the West African Monetary Zone to facilitate easy trading. The countries of West Africa are working towards achieving monetary and currency integration by introducing a common currency called �Ecoi� throughout the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ)...

Investments in Africa

Uganda: Attracting Investments

Uganda is considered one of the best countries in Africa for investements. The country has attracted increasing amounts of foreign direct investment (FDI) since the beginning of the 1990s. The Government of Uganda has pursued a steady policy of improving the investment climate by reducing bureaucracy, streamlining the legal framework...

Africa-China Trade

Chinese Goods in Big Demand in Africa

Goods made in China gain popularity in the African market. Price-sensitive markets in Africa have welcomed the easy availability of low-priced Chinese goods. Traders and merchants have also been quick to seize the opportunity to source their requirements from China in order to increase their profit margins...



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