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Swiss Arabian Perfumes

By offering its customers a wide range of products, Swiss Arabian has established itself as a market leader

perfume bottleShirley May International is located in the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates and is a part of the Swiss Arabian Group of Companies. Shirley May has a wide product range that includes spray perfumes, natural and non-alcoholic perfumes, cosmetics, body sprays and gift sets. Shirley May produces over 1,000 products references under the following brand names: Shirley May, Parfum De Jean Louis, Estico, VLF and Tihama.

perfume dubaiProducts under the Shirley May, Parfum De Jean Louis and Estico brand names are specifically positioned to cater to the varying needs and desires of price conscious consumers and the mass-market segment Ð which is considered to be one of the fastest growing segments. This consumer segment has become more and more selective, where the primary motive for purchase is still price, but the product must meet certain minimum quality standards. Products in all three brand names are perfectly geared to meet these requirements. There is a continuous effort to improve quality and maintain a highly competitive pricing strategy.

fragrance dubaiAdditionally, in order to meet demands of those customers that are intrested in extremely low prices, a new range of products is being developed under Shirley May umbrella to cater to these needs. Products under the Shirley May and Parfum De Jean Louis brand are mostly occidental (catering to consumers that prefer European styled perfumes) whereas products under the Estico brand name are more oriental.

african ittarProducts under the VLF and Tihama brand name are classified as Middle Mass Market. These products cater to consumers that are more quality conscious and require a certain minimum level of style and sophistication in the product. The Tihama brand is dedicated to meet the requirements of consumers that prefer Arabic fragrances and aromas. The VLF brand caters to the tastes of cosumers that prefer European (occidental) styles perfumes. Both these brand names are recently developed and there is an on-going research and development to build this category of products.

perfume sharjahLittle wonder then that products by Shirley May International are gaining popularity amongst African customers looking for quality products at competitive prices. In an effort to further popularise its products in new and emerging markets in Africa, Shirley May International is looking to appoint agents and distributors for its products in the African countries. After all, Shirley May products are already popular with African customers.



For further information contact:
Swiss Arabian Perfumery
P.O. Box 1615, Sharjah,
United Arab Emirates


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