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P&C Products: Manufacturer of Cosmetics

Manufacturer of cosmetics, creams, beauty products, gels etc.

cosmetics africaBased in Italy, P&C products s.r.l is one of the leading manufacturers of all kinds of cosmetics, beauty products and toiletries. Established in 1994, P&C Products has many years of experience in the field of cosmetics manufacturing and specialises solely in the production and manufacturing high quality cosmetics and toiletries like Creams, Gels, Lotions, Oils, Serums, Pastes, Foams, Shampoos, Balsams, Powders – to name a few.

In addition to products manufactured exclusively for customers, the company is open to offers for marketing P&C branded products in new markets. Many companies around the world outsource their production and manufacturing requirements to P&C Products s.r.l and take advantage of the company’s excellent manufacturing facilities and the relatively low production costs.

“Our typical customer has a commercial structure, without technical facilities and wants to distribute in the market its own brand,” says one of the managers of the company. “All our products are produced under stringent Italian laws and meet international quality standards. In addition to this, we guarantee complete confidentiality.

“Starting from a customers idea, from his directions on the quality needed and the cosmetics manufacturingcost desired, we develop any kind of product, in particular Creams Gels, Lotions Oils, Serums, Pastes, Foams, Shampoos, Balsams, Powders.

“All the formulas are developed exclusively for that particular customer and remain the property of the customer,” explains the manager.

The company’s two production sites offer the guarantee of a high standard of quality that can be seen throughout the production process. The departments are structured to work in compliance with the GMP criteria.

The production plants, with vacuum turboemulsifiers and open mixers, have a capacity ranging from between 1,000 and 12,000 litres, giving a total potential of 28,000 litres. Each unit is supported singularly by heating, cooling and filtering systems as well as load cell weighing system.

shampoosThe packaging stage is executed on automatic and semi-automatic lines complete with cartoning, thermosealing, cellophaning, labelling and whatever else may be necessary. The state-of-the-art packaging units are able to package aluminum tubes at a capacity of over 20,000 pipes per hour; polyethylene tubes (inc. moulded pipes) at a capacity of over 8,000 pipes per hour; and bottles and jars at a capacity of over 5,000 pieces per hour

In a bid to further expand its reach and client base, the company is looking for partners in African countries where demand for cosmetics has been increasing at a rapid pace in recent years. “The African market is still our most representative market, allowing us to have acquired a deep and important understanding of the market. For this reason, we introduce ourself as an ideal partner for African enterprises.”med.



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For further information contact:
P&C Products s.r.l.
Via Molinara, 1 - 20832,
Desio (MB), Italy


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