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Supplier of Long Range Telephones, Computer Games for Children and Universal Remote Controls

Fort Telecommunication Equipment Company deals in a wide variety of telecommunication products, infotainment gadgets and electronic goods. The company markets a wide range of telephones like Long Range Cordless Phones, Home Phones and Mobile Phones. In addition, Fort Telecommunication also markets a wide variety of Satellite Receivers, Educational Computer Systems and Universal Remote Controls.

Fort Long Range Cordless Telephones

phones dubaiFort Long Range Cordless Telephones with Ranges from 15-500 Km provide an ideal solution for many African cities and upcountry areas which lack basic telecommunication infrastructure. Fort long range telephone sets can be used in remote areas just like a GSM phone. With high frequencies varying from 260-390 MHz, these long range telephones are small and light in design and are very competitively priced.

The company's entry-level models simply plug into your normal A/C outlet and standard RJ-11 telephone jack. You simply unpack the phone, plug it in, and charge the battery. The higher-end models come with an externally-mounted antenna. This antenna is mounted on a roof of a building or other high altitude places, and plugs into the phone’s base station using a normal coaxial cable (similar to a TV cable). All mounting hardware, cable, and detailed instructions are included in the product pack. Antenna installation time is estimated between five minutes to half hour.

Some of the main advantages of long range phones are:

Long Range Cordless Phones may be used in remote areas where phone service is currently unavailable, up to 70 miles away from the telephone line (depending on the model).
These products reduce or in some cases eliminate the need for a cellular phone, saving the user from monthly service fees and exhorbitant air-time charges.
Some long range cordless phones may also be used to transmit high speed data, send faxes, retrieve e-mail and to access the internet.

URC Remote Control - Controls Five Devices Simulateneously

electronicsFort Telecommunications is also one of the leading suppliers in the Middle East for Universal Remote Control units. These Universal Remote Controls can control upto five different devices at a time. These unique Univesal Remote Controls are pre-programmed and are extremely simple to use and have become extremely popular with average households which have a multitude of electronic devices.

As home theaters become more and more popular, sooner or later everyone begins to experience the same basic problem: too many remote controls sitting on the coffee table. While a few such as those packaged with television sets or receivers may feature basic universal capability, it always seems there's a few buttons on every other remote that you're unable to program yet just can't live without. That's where the Fort Universal Remote Control comes in. It is one unit that can learn the signals for even the most obscure feature and allow you to finally, once and for all, put the rest of the remote controls away.

FORT NEW Educational Computer & TV Game

fort electronics FORT New Educational Computer & TV Game is a revolution in the history of computer and television games. It is a personal computer which promotes learning and playing at the same time. Children can gain valuable knowledge and learn basic computer and keyboard skills through this revolutionary product which is available in English, Arabic, Russian and Persian versions. The Fort New Educational Computer and Television Game console has over 70 family games in one cartridge such as: Learning English, Phonetics, Word Spelling, Typing, Basic Mathematics, Calculator, Music, Message Board, Photo, Architecture, G-Basic, Puzzle Games. Children can also use the in-built memory to print documents.

This new revolutionery game has rapidly gained in popularity because of its advanced features and cheap price. Children of all ages love to spend time playing educational and recreational games and learning essential computer skills through this game. As a result, demand for this product has risen and the company is now looking to introduce this product in the African markets by appointing agents and distributors in major cities in the African continent.



For further information contact:
Fort General Trading (LLC)
P.O.Box 26824, Dubai, U A E 


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